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Excel at every level with XCEL GOLF!

The game is more pleasurable with  knowledgeable Coaching, proper Equipment and golf Events to share and deepen our understanding of this great sport.

Your Professional Golf Coach
George Courville

For some it is  to enjoy the game in all its splendor and for  for others it is to excel or to continually  improve.  Either way as your golf coach I am here to aid you in having more fun on the golf course whether it be with lessons, clinics or individualized improvement plans. I realize everyone is different and my approach reflects this.

That's what inspires me and  why I’ve made it my mission to work with students of every level to guide them to be more focused, technically proficient and confident on the golf course than they've ever been before.

I believe that at whatever level you play as a golfer, you must always remember its a game and is to be enjoyed.

Sportsmanship, discipline and human values are just as important as training to win and competing. 

I base my success and impact as a Professional Golf Coach on this personalized but global approach. Professional Coaches teach more than technique we also cover the mental game, course management, equipment, practice methods, fitness and equipment.


That being said if we want to improve we have to know where we are.  Evaluations are part of the process as is making sure you have the proper equipment.  There are many great manufacturers but the best quality for value offering  for most golfers is ???? Golf.

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