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Are you a range player or the putting green master?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Performance Training Course Package

Are you a range player? Putting green master? Or maybe you are going to try the last tip or swing thought you picked up on the Golf Channel during your next round. There is a reason why you can’t take it to the course? Why you are not consistent? You don’t practice or you don’t practice effectively. I will share with you and guide you through the process of how to learn and practice golf efficiently.

One big difference between high handicappers and better players is that better players understand that the required and steps are needed to develop their motor skills. If you want your swing to be intuitive, instinctive, fluid, you need the time to practice owning the changes and adapt them into your unique swing. Time to learn to trust and have the confidence in the dominant skill you and your coach explored.

The dominant golf culture is responsible in part because MSM and social media outlets propose quick swing fixes and drills but never pay attention to optimal skill acquisition theory. They don’t want to discourage you with the process. They make it look easy. Learning new skills is a process and takes dedication, perseverance, a vision, and attention.

You must adopt the philosophy of practice hard and play easy. If you want to play the game, you must follow the steps that have been scientifically proven efficient and lead to greater transferability.

You need to practice your movement pattern and manage your mind to control what the ball does. Being self reliant, owning your swing and understanding your tendencies is a process. The process I use is much more efficient and is based on sound research that is known to maximize transferability.

Knowing what’s broken down along with what’s functional is a great first step. However, you can’t expect to transfer to the course what you practiced for 15minutes during a lesson. We are fooled at times, both student and coach into believing that a few good swings translate into learning, transference, and ability to play consistently. Short term performance is not an indicator of transference, of skill.

Xcel Performance Training Package includes:

  • Screening, awareness of where we are where we want to go. What are the breakdowns, what causes them and how do we fix? What’s costing you strokes. Bag screening, club mapping, launch monitor, video, Ground force sensor, Hack motion wrist sensor, game stats, screening also includes a mental skills assessment, as well as a TPI assessment. We will choose one skill in each area of the game. Short Game/ Putting/ Full-Swing/ Self management/ Emotional resilience/ Shot routine/

  • Benchmarking, planning with a vision and a purpose. Golfer will start a journal.

  • Lesson plan with practice schedule is organized. Templates distributed

  • Depending on skill level the use of both internal and external cueing, block, variable, and challenging drills will be used to efficient to transfer skills efficiently and effectively. Swing devices will be used in the early stages to reinforce functional movement patterns.

  • There will be an emphasis on questioning, exploration, discovery, and problem solving.

  • On completion of a cycle there will be a debriefing with an evaluation of the transfer of skills. Effectiveness of the process and communication of the coach and the engagement and commitment of the golfer.

  • On completion you will understand the basic theories of learning and skill acquisition.

You will know how to self coach and set up a purposeful skill acquisition plan by yourself.

You will have blueprint of your body dynamics.

You will have a deeper understanding of your equipment.

You will understand the importance of self-management and decision making. The emotional and mental sides of the game.

  • You will be able to transfer the targeted skill(s) to the course. If skill acquisition proves consistent during play, its time to move on to the next priority. If not, we will revise the process, drills, strategies, and communication used.

Total of 4 lessons @ 60$/ h + 4 supervised group practice sessions @ 80$/ h = 320$

This course is called a The Performance Training Package because it includes many extras!!!

TPI assessment

Bag screening

Bio Swing Dynamics assessment

Flight scope ball flight diagnostics and video

Ground reaction force assessment

Hack Motion Wrist sensor assessment for putting

Blast motion sensor for chipping and pitching

Swing devices to reinforce feel

Templates for assessments, drills, stat collection

Access to Coach now app and messaging

Total Price for Training Package 450$

Learning Skills (Motor learning) = the process of improving motor skills with strategic learning and practice, with long lasting capacity for responding. Transferring the skills to the course.

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