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Charlie King's influence?. The New Rules of Coaching Golf Vs The Old Rules of Teaching Golf.

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Mr. Charlie King was a huge influence in my growth as a coach and in moving from teaching quick fixes to a holistic systematic view of coaching students to play better golf.

I was frustrated and tired of not getting the results I wanted for my students.

I was on a journey of discovery and had always believed in open systems theory. I was fortunate to meet Mr. King in 2014 and follow his New Rules Golf Coach certification.

The New Rules of Golf Coaching approach is a solid roadmap for coaching golf in a comprehensive, logical way. A great way to look at programming and course offerings as well. Its an open systems, dynamic approach. Thank you Charlie. I am still using this coaching philosophy today.


OLD RULES – LEARNING, Not learner centered or towards optimizing learning environments, quick tips and fixes

OLD RULES – FULL SWING, Method/Model, dissecting swing into body parts.

OLD RULES - SHORT GAME, Teach Sparingly, importance not made clear by lessons and programs


OLD RULES – PRACTICE, You’re on Your Own.


OLD RULES – VIDEO and TECHNOLOGY, Used to pick up too many faults and thoughts or not used.

OLD RULES - EQUIPMENT Off the Rack, often not discussed.

OLD RULES - INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACH, Single Lessons, outcome based

OLD RULES - COMMUNICATION SKILLS, Ineffective, Little or No Training,


NEW RULES – LEARNING, Motor Learning theory is used to optimize learning and learning environments. Listening, individualized, questioning, awareness, understanding, motivational, attentional, external cueing

NEW RULES - FULL SWING, There are essential skills every good golfer performs. The golf swing is a movement that is best learned by seeing, feeling, and with external cues. Everyone has their own best swing. Simplify

NEW RULES - SHORT GAME, Extremely important, measure and challenge.

NEW RULES – MENTAL GAME, Golf is a mind body game where the mind has a great influence.

NEW RULES – SCORING, Working around the course in an aware efficient manner.

NEW RULES – PRACTICE, Integral to Instruction, Retention, and performance, variable and challenging.

NEW RULES - PHYSICAL MOBILITY, ASSESMENT in Initial Meeting to direct instruction and baseline. Bio Dynamic swing assessment.

NEW RULES - VIDEO and TECHNOLOGY, Unbiased, information and used to increase awareness and baseline.

NEW RULES – EQUIPMENT, Checked in Initial meeting, Custom Fit

NEW RULES - INSTRUCTIONAL APPROACH, Program for Improvement, process vs outcome based. Purposeful practice which includes competitive practice

NEW RULES – COMMUNICATION SKILLS, Educated and Effective, learner centered

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