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How good do you want to be? Xcel-Golf instruction, New Program 2022

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

How good do you want to be? Getting to the next level.

How would you like to play better golf and improve your technique without practicing your technique.? This course is an exploration of the "human skills" the skills you need to play better golf now, without changing, practicing or improving your technique. It works if applied for all skill levels from beginner to elite and professional golfers.

This approach has a proven track record and was developed by Lynn Marriot and Pia Nilsson. (Two of the top golf coaches in the world and coaches to many professional golfers)

If you want to hit better shots, shoot lower scores and have more fun; you need to add these skills to your golfers toolbox now,

As a Vision54 SuperCoach Alumni I will be offering this program that explores the possibility of playing your best golf now. The program is based on the books and the Vision54 SuperCoach program of of Lynn Marriott and Pia Nilsson.

Two of their many great books which are must reads include, Be a Player and Every Shot must have a Purpose. You must make human skills an important part of your practice and your game. Learning golf and playing the game requires more than technical and physical skill.

To hit better shots, shoot lower scores and to have more fun on the golf course.

You need to be working on all three parts of the game. 1. Technical skills - swinging the club, (fitting for the right equipment.) 2. Human skills - self-awareness and self-management,3. Fitness - stability, mobility, flexibility, and energy.

Most golfers work solely on the technical skills and fitness skills. Few work on the human skills, the skills that have a huge influence on their ability to apply their technical skills. These are the skills you use the 98% of the time that you are not swinging the club. Remember that you are only swinging the club about 2% of the time you are on the course. Just coming to grips and being aware of this fact will change and improve your game.

Golf is a multi-dimensional game.

You need a functional golf swing that fits and matches your body.

You must practice purposely ( with constraints like those of the golf course) to gain confidence and to transfer the swing to the golf course.

But how do you PLAY the game?

You must be able to decide which type of shot you have to make. You must play with intent, focus and commitment. You must adapt to the variability of the game. You must be aware of and manage the reality that surrounds you and your inner thoughts.

Golf is not just about swing or technique, it's about the golfer who makes the swing on the course. Its about managing all the stuff that's going on in your head, your body (inside you) and the environment. (outside of you)

“When you practice- you practice - technique, fitness, and your human skills but when you play, the way you influence your game is with your human skills...

"The only one you have control over on the course is your human skills. Developing these skills - especially self-awareness and self-management - will help you play your best." (Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, Be a Player.)

In other words you don't want to be working on technique while on the golf course.

"Good golfers have great external awareness, but top golfers have external awareness and great internal awareness and clarity too. External focus is on the swing, playing partners, the weather, or the score. Internal focus is on the things you can control. "

The three areas of internal awareness that are necessary to play well are:

1. Physical awareness - state of your body at any given moment - tense or relaxed, soreness, rapid heartbeat, stability, arousal.

2. Mental awareness - left brain and right brain shifting at appropriate times.

3. Emotional awareness - managing emotions facilitate a happy state and improve performance.

Training inner and outer awareness, noticing things around you, and remaining in the present is a skill that needs to be practiced. You tune in and manage yourself and you adapta to the environment continually as you play the game.

"Awareness is curative." (Fred Shoemaker from his book Extraordinary Putting)

Golfers have tendencies in technique, and tendencies in the level of the use of their inner awareness level and the use of their human skills. In this course we will be exploring ways to deepen our awareness and improve these skills.

"How we approach and manage the lucky and unlucky bounces - internal and external - is part of the seduction of the game." Golf is a game of variability and acceptance. Striving for consistency or pounding balls on the range is not the path to better golf. The environment and your brain make this impossible.”

To play your best golf you must acknowledge, accept, and embrace this fact.

If you have a strong enough intention, as a certified Vision 54 Super Coach I can help you explore the approach. The course will include a workbook and supervised practice, on and off the course, with questioning, journaling, and feedback.

You will discover and acquire skills in:

  • Mastering body awareness - Balance, tempo (rhythm) and tension, needed to activate before and control during the round. The performance state or BTT is the bridge an essential integration of your physical and technical skills.

  • Mastering making shots – the Performance Routine. To play golf you must make shots. You will be guided and will explore the intention, attention and commitment needed to make your best shots happen.


  • Mastering variability- both internal and external variability. You will learn how and train to perform between shots, the 90% of time spent between shots. What happens between shots, with your body, your mind, and emotions? What can you do between shots to manage your walk, your self-talk, and your emotional resilience?

When completed you will understand your unique ingredients and strategies for playing great.

You will have awareness of our good and bad tendencies on the golf course and discover ways to change your negative tendencies. How to change your Not54's to your MY54's.

You will have tools to give you the information you need to plan and set your process goals. You will have the tools and the information needed to improve.

You can be your own best coach now! The one expectation needed is your engagement to commit to your intention with attention and awareness.

To continue your exploration and learn a crucial inventory of your physical, mental, emotional, and technical tendencies for getting in your own way.

Let's have some fun

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