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Most important trait in golf and life!

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Attitude or Positive Mindset.

Reflections of Ray Floyd from his book, The Elements of Soring.

A gem of a book, a golf classic!

Raymond Floyd was known during his PGA Tour career — which stretched from the 1960s into the 1990s — as a tough competitor and one of the all-time greats at chipping. He maintained his competitiveness into his early 50s before moving to the Champions Tour, where he again posted a double-digit victory total.

Floyd was born on Sept. 4, 1942, in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He is called Raymond by many, but shortening that to "Ray" is also common among his peers. He also has one of the oddest nicknames in golf: "Tempo Raymundo," inspired by his smooth, rhythmic golf swing. (Early in his career, Floyd was sometimes called "Pretty Boy Floyd.") Raymond's Tour wins.

  • PGA Tour: PGA Tour: 22

  • Champions Tour: 14

  • Major Championships: 4

  • Member World Golf Hall of fame

  • 8 Ryder cups including one as Captain.

Attitude according to Mr. Raymond Floyd (positive growth mindset)

1. Does not take physical or mental intelligence

2. Get rid of judgements and outcomes. No right or wrong, simply a process.

3. So many external and internal variables, golf is constantly changing. Driving accuracy, swing tempo, concentration, putting confidence, none are ever guaranteed. Resilience is a must.

4. So many variables it’s easy for things to go south. Acceptance of missed shots a must.

5. Most underrated and valuable word in golf. Attitude

6. Rarely is it available at a young age, it develops, comes with experience learning the hard way.

7. A good attitude is often the most important mental state in life and the golf course.

8. Play for the right reasons.

9. Enjoy the game, Enjoy the walk, Enjoy your playing partners. Enjoy competition.

10. Have gratitude and cherish the moment.

11. Be patient and deal with anger. Be the person you respect

12. Pressure is self induced and fear as well. Good attitude solves the problem. (Along with a performance routine, Vision 54 and a Scoring method.

13. Champions don’t make excuses. No way to develop mental internal strength through deflecting or projecting. It shows weakness.

14. Believe in yourself and never speak negatively about your self in your mind or in public. Always put a positive spin on your game. Masters at this are Gary Player and Tiger woods. Its your narrative your story. Convince yourself that you like a hole or a course because it suits your strengths.

15. Build on small positives, achievements, negatives will not lead to learning, performing or enjoyment.

16. Appreciate the opportunity to have fun, your life, and the chance you have to play this marvelous game, the game of a lifetime. Be thankful.

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