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How good do you want to be?

Train your human skills of golf to play your best golf now.

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  • 99$/ 3 hrs.
  • Lennoxville Golf Club

Service Description

How good do you want to be? An exploration of the human skills needed to play better, that includes a roadmap and tools to self-coach. Better players and better coaches work with golfers and practice in three areas: 1. Technical skills - swinging the club, (fitting for the right equipment.) 2. Human skills - self-awareness and self-management. 3. Fitness - stability, mobility, flexibility, and energy. Golf is a multi-dimensional game. You need a golf swing that fits your body and you have to practice purposely (or with constraints similar to those of the golf course) to gain confidence and to transfer the swing to the golf course. You also have to be able to decide which type of shot you have to make. Golf is not just about swing or technique, it's about the golfer who makes the swing on the course. "The only one you have control over on the course is your human skills. Developing these skills - especially self-awareness and self-management - will help you play your best." To be successful in anything you need awareness, intention, and attention and make human skills an important part of your game. Learning golf and playing the game requires all three. Good golfers have great external awareness and top golfers have external awareness and great internal awareness and clarity too. External focus is on the swing, playing partners, the weather, or the score. Internal focus is on the things you can control. The three areas of internal awareness that are necessary to play well are: 1. Physical awareness - state of your body at any given moment - tense or relaxed, soreness, rapid heartbeat, stability, arousal. 2. Mental awareness - left brain and right brain shifting at appropriate times. 3. Emotional awareness - managing emotions facilitate a happy state and improve performance. Training inner and outer awareness, noticing things around you, and remaining in the present is a skill that needs to be practiced. You tune in and manage yourself and your environment continually as you play the game. Golfers have tendencies in technique, and tendencies in the level and the uses of inner awareness levels. The physical awareness state begins with getting a feel for balance, tempo, and tension. "How we approach and manage the lucky and unlucky bounces - internal and external - is part of the seduction of the game." Golf is a game of variability and acceptance. Striving for consistency or pounding balls on the range is not the path (CONTACT FOR MORE INFO)

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us 24 hours in advance.

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  • 19 Rue du Golf, Sherbrooke, QC, Canada


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