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Benchmarking May & June, by appointment.


Lennoxville Golf Club

Wilson Staff - RED ZONE Short Game Challenge and Benchmarking, Golf event to connect, share, improve and have fun!

Fun event to benchmark and challenge your short game from 100 yds in. Compete against yourself and others. You will get your short game evaluation and handicap on day one. 10 weeks later you will be challenged again. The 3 golfers that have lowered their handicap the most are the winners.

Wilson Staff - RED ZONE Short Game Challenge and Benchmarking, Golf event to connect, share, improve and have fun!

Time & Location

Benchmarking May & June, by appointment.

Lennoxville Golf Club, 19 Rue du Golf, Sherbrooke, QC J1M 2E6, Canada

About the event

Wilson Staff Red Zone Short Game Challenge – 10 weeks,

Let’s have some fun!

The short game is by far the most important part of golf, yet most of us never practice this part of the game. Believe me, I get it, distance is addictive.  It is more fun to take out the driver, swing as hard as we can, in hopes of hitting a 300 yard drive.  But let’s face it many of us will never achieve this goal.

From Tour Player to beginner and everyone in-between the short-game is the part of golf that makes up 70-80 percent of our score.  Developing a great short game is the fastest way to lower our handicap and see quick improvements in our score. When people shoot their best scores they always come in and say “I hit it great today” when in reality and statistics will show that their short-game was the real reason behind that low score.

The Red Zone Short game Challenge is a way to get measurable results when trying to improve your short game. By taking the test it gives us a very accurate assessment of or benchmark of where you are with your short game. The Red Zone scoring system will allow us to evaluate your skill level numerically, and it will give us a baseline by which we can measure your progress.  The test is not necessarily designed to be fun. In fact it can be a little painful. This is similar to the “Weigh In” before the diet begins. After you complete the test, we will see your strengths and your weaknesses. This will give us a clear roadmap to helping you lower your scores.

The test takes about 45 minutes to complete and consists of 6 categories (70 shots):

1.    Wedges from 100 yards and in (20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 yards) 2.    Bunker 3.    Pitching around the green 4.    Chipping 5.    Long Putting 6.    Short Putting

After taking the test, we will use a short game handicapping system to put a number on your current short game. It also will allow us/you to have a measurable account of your progress.

As with any instructional program you will get out of it what you put into it. YES it is a commitment! But it is one that will help you with this often frustrating game that we all love. And it is quantifiable improvement, which is something that has been missing in golf instruction.

We will then give you all of the tools (drills) to map out your road for success. It is up to you to practice the drills and improve your short game handicap.

Get your short game handicap.  Don't guess assess! 

Develop a personalized 10-week purposeful practice plan. 60 to 120 minutes a week.  Take the challenge again to see how much you've improved. The top three will be recognized with Wilson Staff and other prizes. Anyone can win because the competition is based on your personal handicap. You are competeing against yourself.

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