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Hit better shots.

Shoot lower scores.

Have more fun! 

That's our mission! 



Authorized Wilson Staff reseller.

Xcel with an exploration of human skills.   
Xcel with your ability to score.
Xcel with purposeful practice.
Xcel with the right equipment.
Xcel with an optimized learning environment.

Why Xcel Golf
Why Xcel Golf?

I believe that at whatever level you play as a golfer, you must always remember its a game and is to be enjoyed. Sportsmanship, discipline and human values are just as important as training to win and competing. 

I base my success and impact as a Professional Golf Coach on this personalized but global approach. Professional Coaches teach more than technique we also cover the mental game, course management, equipment, practice methods, fitness and equipment.

That being said if we want to improve we have to know where we are.  Evaluations are part of the process as is making sure you have the proper equipment.  There are many great manufacturers but the best quality for value offering  for most golfers is ???? Golf.

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Golf Shot
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Golf Club Repair
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What every golfer wants!


  •  Hit better golf shots, 

  • Shoot lower scores and 

  •  Have more fun!

It doesn't matter what level you play the game.

That's our mission at XCEL-GOLF.

Are you confused, frustrated, and discouraged with the overload of technical information in golf instruction?

Are you tired of bashing ball after ball on the range without improving or berating yourself after a poor decision?

Are you unable to tap into your natural, unique, intuitive, instinctive golf swing?

Would you like to play with calm confidence or an alert indifference?

Do you seem to lose your focus of attention because your training and learning are not challenging enough?

Are you making mental errors and decisional errors because of unclear intentions?

Do you lack attentional focus and commitment? 

Are your swings filled with body positions and swing mechanics that block your natural swing patterns?

Are your equipment choices holding you back, or are they optimizing your dispersion and distance?

"Dazed and confused for so long I don't know." (Led Zepplin)

Xcel-Golf can help!

All you need is an authentic, genuine, unconditional love of the game and a process mindset.  You need to be curious and fascinated with the journey. You play for the right reasons; the sound, the energy, camaraderie, exercise, and the chance to connect with nature.  You understand that inconsistency is a part of the game, and adaptability is your greatest asset. 


"If your why is important, you will find the how.

Why do you play golf?"

Xcel-Golf will help you ask the right questions, focus your attention, reduce judgments, encourage exploration and discovery, and increase your internal and external awareness.  We guarantee that you will hit better shots, score better and enjoy the game even more.

As your coach, I will guide you with a simple, exploratory, natural, and efficient way to learn the golf swing, make better shots, shoot lower scores, and have more fun!

I will help you find your unique, most effective, and functional golf swing.  You will become your own best coach.

We will create an environment where "the joy of overcoming obstacles is more important than winning and the conversation about what you learn becomes the norm." (Fred Shoemaker, 2006)

Xcel-Golf will guide you with the "the only two things you need to hit better shots, shoot lower scores, and have more fun!



​"The problem many golfers face is that they get so completely off track trying to control the ball, they spend virtually no time whatsoever on working on the second aspect – controlling themselves." (Karl Morris 2014)

Xcel-Golf uses a dual strategy to hit better shots and shoot lower scores.

      1.  Optimizing learning of skill (Physical, Mental and Emotional) with intention, an external focus of attention, exploratory learning, self-discovery, and effective training strategies.

      2.  Simple swing, shot-making, and impact skills are explored that focus on the present and the only reality that matters; the club, the ball, the body, the target, and the shot.  Objective feedback is shared. 


"The most enjoyable way to improve a golf swing, hit better shots, and shoot lower scores is to combine effective clubhead control and optimize skill acquisition strategies.  (technical, mental, and emotional skills).

Luckily, science shows us that the simplest approach is the best.  We learn motor skills implicitly; we learn skills best when we focus on what to achieve, not how to achieve it."            (Chris Riddoch 2012)

Xcel-Golf uses technology to simplify, quantify, optimize learning, and give immediate feedback.

We don't guess we asses!

Fundamentals remain important.  Technique and the mechanics of the golf swing are still essential but simplified.  We explore creating shots and understanding what the golf ball is doing at impact, increasing and controlling distance and direction through our senses. Don't swing harder or faster than we can experience it.

Xcel-Golf uses Flightscope, Hack Motion wrist sensors, Salted pressure tracking, TPI Body Swing Screening (Titleist Performance Institute), Red Zone Short game evaluations to guide players with objective, unbiased data, and feedback.  To help us swing the club with a functional movement pattern that matches our unique bodies and swing styles.  At Xcel-Golf, you start with a personalized blueprint to optimize learning and to help you become your own best coach. 

Swing mechanics and block practice (technique practice) can improve strike location.  However, a better way of learning shot-making and the game of golf is by changing your intentions.

Start by asking questions and focusing on external cues, target, ball, ball flight, club head, and the club's motion while swinging freely, without the interference of thought.



XCEL-GOLF coaches the game of golf -  not just the golf swing or making shots.  We address the importance of internal and external awareness to deal with the emotional and mental sides of the game, to be able to manage the game and score better.  Our comprehensive coaching includes equipment appraisal and fitting, finesse wedges, long-distance wedges, chipping, scrambling, trouble shots, and putting.

Let's have some fun!


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Be a Player! New program

Shoot lower scores and have more fun!

To shoot lower scores you need a complete game, but  it all comes down to,

Controlling the Ball and Controlling Yourself.


XCEL-GOLF supports and guides 

you on your golfing journey. 

Learn how to experience the present with your senses and connect and commit to the shot. You only learn and know when you have a direct experience of something in the moment it occurs. Both internal and external awareness exercises and strategies to optimize, learning, skill acquisition, and performance are explored.

Awareness is curative.

Your job as a golfer on each shot is to ask a quality question relative to the task at hand.

Questions are answers and extremely powerful because they create pictures, they clear the mind of useless thoughts and they give us clear intentions and a place to focus our attention and to commit to.

"Success or failure in golf and life depends on where we place our attention, something useful or something useless." (Karl Morris 2014)

      Why do I play golf?

      Do I love the game?

      What is my intention today?

      What am I committed to today?

      What does a good shot look like here?

      What is the target here? 

What is my intention on this shot?

What will be my focus of attention on this shot?

      Is it possible that I could hole this putt. 

Where will I place my attention on this putt!

Asking the right questions, being absorbed with the task at hand, connecting with our senses, the club, the ball and the target is the essence of golf.

  Understanding why the ball does what it does. Basic strike instruction.

The low point, Face strike, Face Direction, AoA, Swing path.

 Generics of the swing and swinging effectively with power. Using ground forces and the wrists efficiently.

How we use ground forces and the kinematic sequence to our advantage.

How to control the ball;

Shot-making skills: Trajectory, Direction, Distance.


Emphasis on The Short- Game, Putting, 

and Specialty Shots.


   How to train efficiently and effectively.    Transferring learning to the course, so you can perform automatically.


  Understanding how mind, emotions, and behaviors affect our game. Learning ways to manage your emotions and your game.

Learning to score and course strategy.


Understanding the physical side of the game;

Nutrition, Preparation, Flexibility,      Stability, Mobility, and Power.


   The role and importance of proper                  equipment and fitting.


Overuse of body positions and mechanics blocks the natural flow of movement patterns increases stress, anxiety, and reduces the effectiveness and efficiency of learning.

Modern neuroscience has proven ways to optimize learning movement patterns, increasing retention, and transferring training to the golf course.

Modern psychology and sociology have given us a greater insight into the mental and emotional forces that affect our game.

Coaching golf has become more comprehensive and looks at the total golfer as can be seen in the TPI representation on the right.

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Scoring Method

Awareness is curative! 
Introduction to Zen Putting



The Physics of the Golf swing

The Science of ball flight

Upcoming Events

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  • Wilson Staff - RED ZONE Short Game Challenge and Benchmarking, Golf event to connect, share, improve and have fun!
    Wilson Staff - RED ZONE Short Game Challenge and Benchmarking, Golf event to connect, share, improve and have fun!
    Benchmarking May & June, by appointment.
    Lennoxville Golf Club
    Benchmarking May & June, by appointment.
    Lennoxville Golf Club, 19 Rue du Golf, Sherbrooke, QC J1M 2E6, Canada
    Benchmarking May & June, by appointment.
    Lennoxville Golf Club, 19 Rue du Golf, Sherbrooke, QC J1M 2E6, Canada
    Fun event to benchmark and challenge your short game from 100 yds in. Compete against yourself and others. You will get your short game evaluation and handicap on day one. 10 weeks later you will be challenged again. The 3 golfers that have lowered their handicap the most are the winners.
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